Dog Show Regulations (AR)

  1. The dog show will be held in accordance with AR of the SKG. A copy of the AR can be requested at the Secretariat of the SKG, PO Box, 8276, CH-3001 Bern; please send CHF 5.40 in stamps. Other information see here.
  2. CACIB and Res.-CACIB will be awarded in accordance with the rules fo the FCI, CAC and Res.-CAC in accordance with rules of the SKG.
  3. All exhibited dogs are insured up to a maximum of CHF 2000.- per dog against damage by fire or explosion. There is no liability for damage caused by theft, running away, injury or death, etc.
  4. The exhibitor is liable for all direct and indirect damage caused by his dog.
  5. With the submission of the signed entry form, the exhibitor agrees to pay the entry fee and accepts the dog show regulations