Applicable law and court of jurisdiction

The area within which the rule is in operation
The general business regulations are in operation between the client (in the following called the exhibitor) and the Schweizerischen Kynologischen Gesellschaft (SKG) with regards to holding Dog Shows.

Entry fees
The entry fees are to be paid –unless mentioned otherwise- in Swiss Franks and are inclusive of VAT. The entry fees on the entry forms are binding.

Conditions of payments
Payments are due together with the entry form either by bank transfer or credit card.

Return of paid entry fees
The exhibitor, who has entered a dog, which he cannot exhibit at the show, due to an illness, which occurred between the 2nd closing date of entry and the day of the show, has the right to ask for the refund of one third of the entry fee. This has to be done in writing and has to be accompanied by a relevant veterinary certificate.

Applicable law and court of jurisdiction
The Swiss law is without exception the applicable law. Bern is the court of jurisdiction for all disputes. Additionally the rules and regulations of the SKG are binding (Regulations for Dog Shows and implementation of the regulations for Dog Shows).